Plumping, hydrating & intensely soothing, the Dewy Skin Facial is created to revive skin to its radiant, glowing, dewy, supple skin “ideal” state. We treat the skin to an indulgent array of soothing products from niche beauty French label Exquisite; whose raison d'etre is restoring skin barrier, infusing hydration, plumping and creating overall balance.

When skin is healthy, glow ensues naturally. The other highlight in this facial is the Local Dynamic Micro-therapy (LDM®) machine - which uses ultrasound waves at alternating frequencies (1mHz, 3mHz and 10mHz) to relax our skin tissue, ramping up our skin’s natural moisture level and thereby improving its elasticity.


1. Double cleansing to gently remove traces of oil, make up, grime, impurities

2. Mild exfoliation using a patented enzymatic peel with ingredients like lactic acid and micobiome-friendly extracts to excavate gunk from our pores while keeping skin’s microbiome healthy.

3. Manual extraction

4. LDM therapy (on antioxidant rich Platinum essence and hyaluronic acid serums) which uses dual frequencies to achieve a much higher intensity than conventional aesthetic-medical ultrasound treatments. It aims to improve our skin’s overall health, resulting in firmer and more supple skin. It addresses the enzymes in our skin that trigger common inflammation issues such as acne, eczema and rosacea, by boosting our skin’s defense system.

5. Signature Freia relaxing therapy techniques which relaxes facial muscles and promote lymphatic drainage.

6. Mask on peptide rich hydrating mask with the sensation of cold, icy globes moving on our skin to enhance penetration of actives into the skin, while reducing inflammation.

7. Neck and Shoulder therapy to complete your overall ritual. 


What conditions does LDM treat?

Dermatological conditions like Acne (congestion, papulopustulosa, scars), Eczema, Rosacea, Psoraisis, keloids, atopic dermatitis are treated effectively and safely, without harming the skin.

Aesthetic treatments like wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, dewy skin (water drop), rejuvenation, anti aging, pore reduction, stretch marks are also very achievable and popular with this new technology.

How often should I do Dewy Skin Facial? Is it painful?

You can expect results right after the first session but as with these conditions we are trying to treat, patience and consistency is key. Our skin's cell turnover can range anywhere from 30-45 days so it is good to schedule a treatment every 4-6 weeks for optimal results and for greater skin improvement.

The best thing about the LDM is that there is no pain nor discomfort nor downtime.

Who is it suitable for?

Recommended for anyone - even pregnant mums to be. The machine features different programs to target all the above-mentioned skin concerns.

Here at Freia Aesthetics, we currently offer two specialized LDM facials:

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Pricing Details

RM850* per session

90 mins

*Prices exclude Government Goods and Services Tax.

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