The Most Advanced Skin Analysis Technology That Reveals Your Real Skin

Freia prides itself for having the Best-In-Class treatments so the inclusion of the most advanced skin analysis technology makes perfect sense. We can now definitively and factually show you your real skin in 20 minutes. 

With the most state of the art clinical imaging, we deliver the most advanced, true-to-life images that allow us to ascertain the state of your skin, diagnose and and most importantly, prescribe meaningful steps to help you improve your skin health and achieve your skin goals.

The 7th generation VISIA represents a breakthrough combination of tri-polar light technology and advanced algorithm to accurately measure key skin parameters. 

With sound facts on hand, our team is able to understand what your skin / epidermis is “saying” to us and allows us to adjust our treatment approach in a manner that will produce more visible results. The other big advantage lies in education - for when we understand the concerns we are dealing with, are we able to better map out effective skincare routines for you. “Reading your skin” is no longer something that is elusive but more definitive and relatable. At Freia, we don’t just talk about “skin conditions” which denote a more static approach to skin health; instead it must factor in other factors such as climate, stress levels, environmental factors, lifestyle preferences, hormones, sleep, medication, etc. Only when we assess skin holistically, can we properly treat it and nurse it to a state of healthy balance.


Typically brown or red skin marks, distinguishable by the distinct color and contrast from the background skin tone. Spots vary in size and shape, and are normally visible to the naked eye.


Furrows, folds or creases in the skin that can increase as a result of sun exposure and are associated with a decrease in skin elasticity.


Raised and depressed areas that indicate variations on the sk


Circular surface openings of sweat gland ducts. Due to shadowing, enlarged pores appear darker than the surrounding skin tone and are identified by the darker color and circular shape.


The absorption of UV light by epidermal melanin just below the skin surface results in the display and detection of UV spots that can result from sun damage.


Pigmentation and discoloration on and beneath the surface of the skin.


Concentrated darker red areas, which may be related to a variety of conditions such as inflammation or spider veins.


Bacterial excretions that can become lodged in pores.

What does a VISIA®  skin analysis feel like?

A walk in the park, fuss-free experience is how we would describe it. All you need to do is to place your chin on our highly optimized scanning sensors and allow VIsia’s inbuilt highly specialized and precise cameras to take 3 shots - frontal and 2 sides. It’s as quick as minutes after while the AI algorithm starts its work to analyze results and to showcase them in a readable and comprehensible manner.

What parameters can Visia assess?

The VISIA® system captures key visual information, using multi-spectral imaging and analysis, to assess 8 areas that rank the most common of skin concerns. 

  1. Pore size
  2. Porphyrins (serves as an indication of clogged pores and the propensity for acne to form).
  3. Skin Pigmentation
  4. UV spots
  5. Photo damage (from sun damage)
  6. Skin texture
  7. Wrinkles / fine lines
  8. Red areas (erythema)

Why Visia?

  1. Accuracy/Precision - Using specialized cameras, the VISIA® face scanner gives us a high resolution ‘map’ of your facial features, based on how they react to light. While the naked eye can see deep wrinkles or obvious brown spots and redness, it can’t see everything. Visia uses IntelliFlash®, cross-polarized and UV lighting to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions. UV photography provides the most complete data set available for sun damage assessment and analysis, including UV fluorescence imaging to reveal porphyrins.
  2. Ability to separate the unique color signatures of Red and Brown skin components for unequaled visualization of conditions that result in color concentration, such as spider veins, hyperpigmentation, inflammation and other conditions.
  3. Gives a peek into your skin’s future - We can’t see everything that is happening in the very tiny, deep areas of your skin, beneath its surface. A good example is Pigmentation - by the time it has surfaced to our visible eye, it’s been a work-in-progress for many years. The earlier we can catch these concerns, the earlier preventive measures we can take to mitigate these concerns later on and to prevent them from progressing further.
  4. TrueSkin Age - the ability to determine your overall skin condition and age.
  5. Advanced Aging Simulation - simulate how you might look from our current age to 80 years old. 
  6. Powerful wrinkle algorithm - allows us to significantly improve detection and accuracy of fine lines and wrinkles.
  7. Provides us with a solid baseline of your “real skin” in a clinically scientific manner. With the powerful analysis, we take the guesswork out of skin analysis and in place, have a way to measure and dynamically monitor proposed treatments and create goal-oriented treatment plans that maximize overall results.
  8. Compare results side by side for any combination of views, features or time points, including graphs and numerical data. Zoom and pan images in tandem for clear and easy comparisons.
  9. EYELASH ANALYSIS – Evaluates the results of lash improvement treatments with numerical assessments and graphic visualizations

In just minutes, Freia’s Visia Skin Analysis will analyze and score your key sign parameters to help build the most tailored skincare routine with your skincare expert.


20-30 minutes consultation

8 skin parameters analyzed

1 tailored skincare routine

RM300 for 30 minutes*

Complimentary with your First Facial Trial *

*Terms & conditions apply

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